Team Members

Here are pictures of some of the folks on the expedition

Peter H (What a great smile!)
Herb (What a liberal!)
Alan (How's your knee?)
Mike (Seen any hot babes?)
Matt O (Hungry?)
Nancy (My hero!)
Jason (Whatcha doin' on a geriatric trip?)
Jim (Can you to plant some corn for us...)
John (We need you to speak Spanish for a minute...)
Pete (Take a hike!)
Matt K (Cold up there in MN?)
Marion (Seen any buffoons?)
Charlie (Look out for that hole!)
Barbara (Gadget Girl!)

So, now that you've seen "nice" pictures of everyone, it's time to find out about
the hidden hat perversion of American male cavers in Guatemala
(but they do seem to be enjoying themselves!)

@2003 Barbara Anne am Ende
No reproduction permitted without prior permission.