Twiggy - the Water Skiing Squirrel

Lou Ann Best with her assitant (and son) Chuck introduce Twiggy to the audience. Twiggy was knocked out of a tree in Florida during a hurricane and raised in their home by her and her late husband. Before long, they discovered the leaves disappearing from their houseplants. Soon, all that was left were twigs, and that's how the first Twiggy got her name back in 1979.

Her husband had a toy remote controlled boat that was theoretically for the kids. Some friends accused him of really just wanting the toy for himself. He said off the cuff, "I just need it to teach the squirrel to water ski." Well, that was it. The rest is history!

This is the 5th Twiggy. All have been girl squirrels except for one. Twiggy #4 is 10 years old and retired, living the life of a pampered squirrel at home in Florida. Twiggy #6 was introduced and kept in a cage near the performance to help teach her what's coming in her life.