Arizona & Surrounding States, Memorial Day Weekend, 2007

Mountain Biking in Arizona




Saguros Near Baghdad

Kayaking Down the Colorado

Here's a shot of Hoover Dam from the Arizona side:

This shot focuses more toward the pylons for the new bridge to be built that keeps vehicles off the dam
(security). But the super fancy crane they had erected to suspend over the river crashed into the drink during
a fierce windstorm. They sent a barge to retrieve it and that collapsed under the weight. Eventually, they
pulled the scrap metal out of the river. But now the whole project has come to a grinding halt.

Looking upstream from the dam, one sees that Lake Mead is signifcantly lower than its usual water level.
I had been under the crazy idea that water (including that at Lake Powell) bleached the rock. But, duh!
It leaves a thin layer of calcareous crust on top of the bedrock!

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