Colorado River - Hoover Dam to Willow Beach

Early in the morning I joined up with the kayak party and headed to the downstream side
of Hoover Dam to put in.

I let the others get ahead because they were part of a tour, and I was just renting the kayak for my own trip.
Besides, the upper part of the route had a lot to look at.

Almost right away I saw 3 bighorn sheep on the Arizona bank. Sure enough, they were climbing around on the
rocks just like mountain goats! It was fantastic to watch them come down to the river to drink, but I didn't get a
chance to photograph them.

The first "stop" on the say down the river was "Sauna Cave" which is purported to be 130° and 100% humidity. I can
vouch for the humidity. This is the only shot that isn't fuzzy from water vapor. It was, indeed hot inside. I didn't go
too far in.

I could be mistaken as I'm typing this 7 months after the trip, but I think this might be "The Ear."

I didn't get pictures, but I stopped for the Arizona Host Springs. You pull over and hike up a canyon. There are
a series of manmade dams, each pool becoming progressively hotter. And hot they are! I couldn't get to the
highest one; it was too hot for me!

Weeping Springs Cove:

In the picture above, did you notice this shooting jet of water under hydraulic pressure. Wowie!

After a long stretch of nice, but less inspiring scenery, one comes to Emerald Cave:

Finally one reaches Willow Beach, the take out. Once again I saw some bighorn sheep. One came to the river to drink,
but was spooked by people farther down the bank. They seemed less concerned with kayakers. I took this shot of
two sheep walking away from the commotion. They were so far away, that when enlarged, the pic isn't quite so sharp.

Willow Beach was HOT. I don't know how hot, but I think it was around 110°.

And so ends my long weekend in the desert. The final day down the Colorado River was the highlight of the trip.
The conclusion was that after being driven back to the Kayak Headquarters and returning to my vehicle, I phoned
ahead to the bike shop and warned them that I might be a few minutes late. Indeed I was maybe 10 minutes late,
but it was no big deal, and they remained open.

Map of Colorado River

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