Camp Beale Trail, Kingman, AZ

I got up early in the morning after staying at a hotel in Kingman my first night in AZ. I'd flown into Las Vegas,
then drove to AZ. I couldn't find a place to camp, and finally, at midnight or later, I got a room in Kingman.
Next morning I took off down the trail at about 8 am, but was sorry that I'd forgotten my sunscreen.

Parking area for the trail:

Fine singletrack, not too rocky at this spot:

This is not the best picture, but it shows that I really did have a rental bike (from Las Vegas Cycles)
while I'm out here:

More singletrack. Overall, there were a lot more rocks than shown in these pix:

There were some gorgeous Prickly Pear cactus in bloom:

Comin' back toward the parking area, just past a rocky spot (where I crashed and landed on the basalt!):

After finishing my ride, I drove to Flagstaff. While driving, my back began to hurt. It got worse and worse,
so when I got to Flag, I wound up going to a massage therapist. He wasn't available until the evening.
But he was great! After an hour of massage, I drove off in the dark to Sedona and camped
way out in the Verde Valley on the way to Rim Rock, as there's no camping outside the official
campgrounds (which were full on the big holiday wekeend).

Next Stop: Sedona

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