Sedona, AZ - Cycling Near Bell & Cathedral Rocks

In the morning I went for a ride near Bell Rock. Here's a Strat Column I stole from someone at NAU.
Note, we're in the Permian Schnebly Hill Formation here.

Near the parking area for the trail:

The following two pix are near the point along the trail where I turned around and went back to my rental car:

Cathedral Rocks are seen in the background:

After my ride, I got to chatting with a (different) massage therapist in the parking lot. She was very nice and
friendly, but a real talker, and I could hardly get away. Then I drove a short way up Oak Creek Canyon.
I stopped just below Slide Rock and went down to the creek to do a little reading. That evening I headed to
Cottonwood and camped at Dead Horse Ranch State Park.

Next Stop: Cottonwood

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