Native American Performance for the NAAMLP Conference, Oct 28, 2008

I have to apologize that I wasn't paying quite enough attention (exacerbated by a very poor sound system).
There were a group of Navajos and another group of Utes. But I can't recall if they were Ute Mountain Utes,
or Southern Utes. And I can't tell which picture belongs to which group.

Here are two video clips of the dancing.

Video 1 - 19 secs, 36.1 MB .avi

Video 2 - 36 secs, 3.4 MB .mov (use QuickTime)
- small format

Video 3 - 41 secs, 77.5 MB .avi

This mother and daughter started off the performance. The woman in her red dress
and gorgeous jewelry, not to mention attractive face, was absolutely beautiful.
However the daughter stole the show, being cute as a button.

Here are some of the musicians for the performance. The gentlemen on the right caught me in the
motel parking lot that morning and talked up the show. I'm glad I took his advice and didn't skip the event.

Line dances where couples circle the dance area were common. The man at the right
(who I think is an elder) really loved the dancing. He had a much brighter step than anyone else.
He was really getting into the spirit of the night.

This couple followed the lead couple (above). They had a much more somber expression on their faces.
With the white dress and black pants and shirt, it makes me think of a bride and groom wondering
'Holy schmoly, am I doing the right thing?' Probably I am completely misconstruing, and they're really having a blast!

This group shots show just how untraditional the colors and fabrics have become in their costumes.
However, it also makes me think of the time I went to India. First I'd been in Dubai where so many women wore black abayas.
Then I arrived in India and the women were a splash of bright, multicolored wonder in their saris.
I love the celebration of color.