Greenbrier State Forest, WV - May 1, 2005

If you're in the vicinity of Douthat State Park in Virginia, it might be worth it to head a bit west to Greenbrier.
It's just south of the interstate at White Sulfur Springs, WV. It's a little small to be a destination in and of itself,
but if you're in the area, stop by! The whole thing took me just an hour and a half to ride and that included a leisurely
pace that included taking pictures. I parked near the pool, then followed the paved road (green route on the map) about
2 miles to where I forked off onto the trails. They held up quite well to a lot of recent rain, though there were puddles
over the hard ground. There is another trail that goes to the top of the ridge, then comes down a knife-edged ridge.
It wasn't recommended as fun, so I skipped that.