MORE Casual Ride
Fountainhead, November 13, 2005

DMarchy has a ride up and over a log during a play session.
Jabberwocky cleaned the log several times, but I had a hard time with the digital camera delay, and this was the best I could get of him.

We were passed by on our ride by Auggie. He stopped to be social and I got my 3 favorite Chrises to pose together in one shot. I shook the camera so the picture is blurry, because just when I went to take it, Auggie mentioned about his fixed gear bike being in the shot (man--fixed gear at Fountainhead!)
Jabberwocky is a real tree hugger!

There's one log pile that I never even attempt at FH. When I came around a bend, I saw Firedog Chris on the ground. When we got to the next gathering point, I overheard someone say, "Barbara will want to take pictures."
Sure enough. I snapped several. Firedog was pretty sanguin about the abrasions. I was impressed by the thick, pigment-like goopy texture to his blood.

Back in the parking lot, I took a picture of a couple of helmet hairs!