Mud Pond Gap Trail - Shenandoah Mountains, Virigina

April 25, 2004: The weather turned cloudy and not so nice after a *perfect* day the day before. I drove west out of Harrisonburg on US 33. A few turns on side roads, and I got to the trailhead at route ___. I met a couple of youngsters who'd just finished the trail. They said to go up the ATV road, and down the single track, so I did. It was plenty steep. And wimpy me, couldn't manage to ride up the mountain. I wound up pushing my bike almost the entire way up to the top of Oak Knob. It was a LONG continuous up, about 1-1/2 hours. One ATV came out the road while I was getting ready at the bottom.

About 3/4 the way up, I passed a man coming down with his giant German Shepard. I got to the top and couldn't see a darn thing because we were IN the cloud. Coming down the road was REALLY fast. Wish I had those disc brakes. My hands got tired. It was a fun ride, tho. Like a roller coaster since the road rocked over the water bars. There were no particular obstacles anywhere, but it was bumpy, so it was important to me not to go too fast.

On the way down, I forked to the left onto the single track. The gal at the trailhead said it was rocky. Yes, there were a few rocks, but NOTHING compared to Elizabeth Furnace. I hardly had to get off to cross obstacles. There were only a few logs and I dismounted for most of them. Not because they were so daunting, but because I was out there in the mountains by myself with no one who knew where I was.

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