For my final day of riding in Tucson, I got up very early in the morning and drove to Patagonia.
I got out to stop in the mini-grocery store in town and wondered, "What the heck?!?!?!?"
I could see my breath!! It was that cold. As I drove off toward the mountains, much of the ground was
covered with frost. Heckfire. I didn't travel all the way to Arizona in February to be cold. :-( But when
the sun rose up, the temps warmed up and weren't bad, even at an elevation of about 5000'. I tried
to follow a guidebook to sketchily described riding location. The directions were wrong, so I couldn't
find it. However, since I had driven all the way to Patagonia, I decided just to ride down a 4WD road.
I took a left turn and it was basically just a wide camping spot. A single track kept going, but it was
so steep that it was difficult to push my bike. I turned around very shortly. Miles went by slowly climbing
elevation. The road took a sharp left turn. I got to a mine that seemed like a good place to turn around.
Back down at the base of the hill I tried to follow the main road direction. It very quickly turned
to a single track. it wasn't very good for bicycling, and I turned around when I got to a
very narrow canyon choked with boulders. Woo Hoo! Flying downhill, back to the vehicle!