18 Feb 2005:

I rented a Trek 4600 bike from Tucson Bikes
Bull Spring Ride

19 Feb 2005:

Pete had a barrel cactus with ripe fruit in his front yard.

The 4600 didn't want to go into granny gear, so R3 Pete helped adjust it
(with some helpful tips over the phone from Big Peter)

But then.... just when we were ready to head out, it rained...
So Pete and I went to the Pima Air and Space Museum
This is the original "Vomit Comet" used for zero gravity training by astronauts

20 Feb 2005:
Tortolita Ride

21 Feb 2005:

Patagonia Area
I visited Saguaro National Park
-- but just to take pictures at the visitor center.
At the bookstore,
I was able to purchase Squirrels of the West.

Fantasy Island

22 Feb 2005:
Return home <sigh......>