Conway Robinson State Forest

Conway Robinson State Forest is relatively close to the Chantilly area. It's not too big, but not bad.
To get there, just go to the intersection of US 29 and I-66. Take US 29 NE from the intersection
about 1/3 mile and turn left into the parking area.

New trail built on the NW edge of the park:

February 20, 2004: Most of the park is OK for biking. There are several sections that are badly damaged by H4 (Horrible Horse Hoof Holes). Avoid these areas if possible. Note that the forest obscures the GPS reception and the same trail is marked in two different locations.

January 04, 2004: The park is fairly muddy. The horses have mucked up the trail a fair bit.
The pipeline right-of-way is pretty nasty. Other parts aren't so great either, but still rideable.
Someone has taken a chainsaw to the downed trees that presumably fell
during Hurricane Isabel. Mountain bikers have constructed several logs piles to ride
over that didn't used to be there.

Green Trail: February 20, 2004 (purple are bad sections)
Red Trail: January 4, 2004


Profile from the RED route above:

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