Difficult Run

Difficult Run is difficult, if for no other reason than trying to find the route. One important note is that if you're riding down from Lake Fairfax, be sure to cross Route 7 when the trail pops out at the intersection.

Topo Map of a portion of the Difficult Run Biking (and Hiking) Trail. The larger piece started from the skating rink at Michael Faraday Drive and the W&OD trail and went to the deep stream crossing to the NE (January 03, 2004). The other piece started at the blue diamond which is a parking area along the main road. I biked to the Potomac, then back to the parking area. I went a little farther along the road hunting for the rest of the trail going upstream, but I missed it and returned to the parking lot (October 17, 2003).

Click HERE for a higher quality jpg of the map below (196 kB)

Click HERE for a much larger scale map of the area shown below (384 kB)

Here is a profile of the Difficult Run Trail. Waypoint 161 is the skating rink. 273 was the turn around point. The bit on the right past 161 is just a duplicate of the actual route and is a weirdness to the software that should be ignored.

Here is a profile of Difficult Run near the Potomac. It matches the route on the map near the river. The deep U-shaped bit on this profile represents riding down to river level, then turning around. Note how I pedaled past the parking area (marked by 316), went up the road, then returned. The scale for this profile is much bigger than the profile printed above for a larger, upstream section of the trail.

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