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April 6th: First really nice, warm day of the spring. It reached 80 degrees. The Bradford Pears are starting to bloom widespread. The Forsythia are out all over. More and more daffodils everywhere.

Seems like it was a bad winter. Much of it was unrideable. The ground was wet. It was rainy or snowy, and only for a little while was the ground frozen enough to ride on. There were a few unseasonably warm days. New Year's Eve and New Year's Day were both 60 degrees and sunny. At the end of December, there were several warm days and I saw some forsythia blooming (big mistake!).

March 20th (more or less) I started planting pansies in my flower pots. I pruned all the roses in pots. One or two appear dead. I fertilized them and sprayed them with orthonex. Some had bad infestations of aphids. They'd spent the worst of winter in the garage, but they had started to sprout.

March 27th, Easter, weather is yet again cloudy and threatening rain and cold. High of 50 predicted. Bleah.


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