Business and Pleasure in California, January, 2004

The Chantilly contingent is working hard Learning the Business of Aerospace!

Orienteering is tough in Griffith Park. To get to this
grassy patch, one must hoof up and down a very steep,
loose hillside and fill your boots with debris.

Nancy poses attractively by the fountains in Descanso Gardens

Somewhat less attractively (but with more gusto), Barbara, likewise, poses by the fountains

Over in the "Center of the Universe" (AKA Bodfish) we intended to hike up and
see a grove of redwoods. But the snow was a little thick at the parking area,
so we stopped to stretch a bit before driving back. Herb complained whenever
I got my camera out, so this is the only decent picture I got from the
Center of the Universe. I was trying to snap a shot of Henry fetching snowballs
(but he quit before I got him in the act).

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