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May 15, 2006:

The skin has healed extremely well. The scarring isn't completely gone, but it's much, much better. Unfortunately I still have hard lumpy scar tissue under the skin where the ligament was cut. I had a moment of triumph on April 28th. I went chimneying in a cave, and a longgggggg downhill, braking on my bike, and I was OK! Two days later, my hand therapist cancelled all my appointments and told me to keep it up!

3 months and 9 days
4 months and 6 days


February 16, 2006:

Left at 10 days: Note the swelling doesn't look any worse than it does a month later than the right.
Right at 38 days


Feb 14, 2006: Left wrist at 8 days (stitches come out tomorrow)

Jan 18, 2006: OK, Here it is. The healing wound from my carpal tunnel surgery. Yep, three stitches. This picture comes 1 week and 2 days after the surgery, and 2 days after the stitches were removed. From this angle, and with a flash attached to the camera, it's kinda hard to see the swelling in my wrist. Jan 22, 2006: Tomorrow is 2 weeks from surgery. The incision is almost healed on the surface. The stitch marks still need a little healing. The stitch closest to my wrist is worst. The top layer of skin died, and I cut it away. Yesterday I went for a hike and the swinging of my arms sent the blood to hand, and it looked infected. But then, later I discovered it doesn't look infected afterall. It's a little pink, but no more. Note, the wrist is still swollen.


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The Best Snake Story - EVER!

Hazel's Gruesome Arm Incident
December, 2003
(all due to a little bitty 1 ton rockie-poo that rolled on it)


But wait! There's more. She got bitten by a rabid cat, spring, 2005 (but got the shots and is OK):

The Potomac rose a bit out of her banks after the remnants of Hurricane Isabel came through.
This picture was shot at Harpers Ferry, WV on 9-21-03