Best Snake Story
The name has been changed to protect anonymity.
This story is copywrited by its author

Next was Copperhead Crotch Cave. I had one of the worst near misses I have ever had at this cave. Mark and I found a 12 inch wide by 3 ft long crack in the sandstone bluff. It is blowing air so I figure there was another entrance. Mark slipped into the crack and I continue down the ridge about 100 ft and found a walk-in entrance. I walked down the passage about 100 ft to a "T" junction. On the right was a steep slope to the base of the crack Mark was coming down. I can hear him. I kneeled down on the slope with my legs spread so I can harass him. I am wearing a single thin layer of polypro. Just after I kneeled down I felt something hit me in the left testicle with a fair amount of force. I look down to see a 2 ft long copperhead retracting from a strike. We were both very freaked out. Almost instantly I felt a stinging sensation on the left one and I thought the absolute worst thing in the world just happened. Now, I have been bitten by two other poisonous snakes most recently a copperhead about 5 years ago. It was not a pleasant experience and I knew if this actually happened I was in real trouble. I made sure the snake made it to his safe hiding place then did an inspection. I did not find any blood coming from punctures so I knew I didn't actually get bit. I noticed a wet spot on my polypro that was venom and that is what was burning me. I washed myself and the polypro off and other than a little irritation from contact with the venom, I was fine. The snake and I were both shaken. We continued to explore about 300 ft of mostly nice cave.