NSS Convention 2005
Huntsville, AL

Every year I come back from conventions to discover I have tons of pictures of some people and none of others. Despite some important omissions, here's a sampling of convention.

The drive to convention started auspiciously. We passed this UHaul van with a cave on it's side!
The campground for convention was huge, but not too packed like it is at OTR. Here we're at an abandoned airstrip. The bad news is that there were no trees, but the good news was that the ground was really flat and comfy.
What do you do while waiting for others to clear the pit?
And when his time came to drop Natural Well, Richard had a grand climb.
Mike Hood enjoys a bit of chilling out on a sweltering summer Alabama day.
Indeed, Alabama DOES have a lot of poison ivy. (no I didn't get any rashes, but only because I was VERY careful).
A land snail near Natural Well.
A skink on a tree by Natural Well.
Scott and Kevin, the two most attractive men on the planet sponsored a Swaygo party for people who read the NSS Discussion Board... serving fried bologna sandwiches...
Hazel showed up and gave a big hug to Mikie.
A frequent poster to the DB is Madratdan.
On Tuesday night, the convention held a party at the US Space and Rocket Center.
This didn't happen at the convention, but the scars are still visible from the probably rabid cat that bit Hazel in the back of the leg.
The friggin' ants were something fearsome. Barbara got bites in numerous places on her hands and feet. The nasty little buggers left bites that pustulated.
George Dasher, the alien, at the campground.

Man, you come all the way to Alabama and you just can't get away from those darned West Virginians...


Yet another West Virginian!
You can take the girl out of West Virginia, but you can't take West Virgnia out of the girl.
Tiny gets his hair braided in camp.
Good Golly, there are Virginians all over the place, too! Dan McConnell just bought a new rope!
The Lovely Mylroies
The Lovely Palmers
The Lovely Montgomeries
Keith, the master photographer, was the fellow with whom I rode down to convention.
Alex has a smile, which hopefully means convention was good for business at Inner Mountain Outfitters.
This picture of Barbara came out of her camera, but who knows how it got in there in the first place.
A fine gathering of various cavers.
Photo specialists Benjy and Ann give each other a hug.
Back at the high school, Bill Steele hits up the vendors.
Though they don't show in this picture, the formations next to Barbara were lovely and sparkly.
Woo Hoo! Caving in Shelta with the new Prez of the NSS, Bill Tozer.
The JSS held a trip to Shelta Cave during convention.
Mark is one of the happiest guys at convention.

Clem and Dawn enjoy a moment away from the hustle and bustle of convention.


Here is a funny video of Clem. Unfortunately, I held the camera in portrait orientation and it can't be rotated afterward. But silly is silly, so here it is.Click HERE for the 1MB mov.

Benjy doesn't have much of a smile in this shot, but he seemed pretty happy at the time.
Our gang watches a different gang of folks drop Hoopers Well.
For at least one guy, it was his first cave rappel.
Kevin shows off one of his Swaygo packs.
Becky shows off some of her Gonzo Guano Gear.

Doug -- it looks mighty suspicious what you're doin' there....



PS -- Congrats, Doug! You're almost a Regular Fellow. But you're *really* a Life Fellow now!

Ohhhhhhhh. So *that's* what you were up to, Doug. Philip misplaced his nametag, and you were givin' him another!

The entrance to Cathedral Caverns.

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