I discovered there are 3 things you need to be a homeowner in Virginia. Your diploma framed and hanging on the wall, some God-thing (like a crucified Jesus hanging above your master bedroom door), and wedding pictures. My realtor and I got to where we'd look for the those 3 things in each house we went to. Well, I've got diplomas out the ying yang (none framed), I bought a little cross (hope God doesn't strike me dead with lightning), and as for wedding pictures, I followed the recommendation of some cavers:

Well, with such an obvious invitation, you're invited to have a little fun and provide me with a husband. But, please, keep it reasonable. When Keith Christenson said he had an idea in mind, I had a stomach turning moment thinking he'd put Dubya on my betrothed's face. But instead, he added a Panamanian. See if you can come up with something funnier!

Hazel Barton suggests that I might like former California Governor Gray Davis for a husband--especially now that he's out of a job and would have lots of time for pampering me!

Mikko, my former roommate from Finland, thought the above men were "much too weak for your caving trips" so he thought Arnie might be a better choice:

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