Examples of Right Wing Hypocracy

The left is not perfect. There are problems on both sides of the fence. However, the Dems don't grandstand and castigate Republicans for their inherent inferior character and moral values. This page is to provide examples to refute the right's false moral superiority.

11 Nov 2005: It's been a while since I wrote up any Republican hypocrisy. Here's some. They criticized Clinton to no end over a blow job. They said, 'It wasn't the sex, it was lying to the Grand Jury." But, with Plamegate, they say that Libby didn't actually do anything wrong. They just tried to get him on semantics afterward. And THAT isn't hypocrisy? Now, in today's news, Frist says, "It isn't that the CIA has secret prisons hidden overseas, it's the LEAK about them that's so bad. And THAT isn't worse hypocrisy?

Example of Right Winger (Frist) weasling and not standing up for what is true (contrary to the right wing view that only Democrats are spineless:

It was three months earlier, on the Dec. 5, 2004, edition of ABC News's "This Week With George Stephanopoulos," that Dr. Frist enlisted in the Perkins-Dobson cavalry. That week Bush administration abstinence-only sex education programs had been caught spreading bogus information, including the canard that tears and sweat can transmit H.I.V. and AIDS - a fiction that does nothing to further public health but is very effective at provoking the demonization of gay men and any other high-risk group for the disease. Asked if he believed this junk science was true, the Princeton-and-Harvard-educated Dr. Frist said, "I don't know." After Mr. Stephanopoulos pressed him three more times, this fine doctor theorized that it "would be very hard" for tears and sweat to spread AIDS (still a sleazy answer, since there have been no such cases).