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Four Corners / Colorado Plateau Stratigraphy

Project Thailand Underground 2015

Cenote Sin Nombre, February, 2011

Florida Nature, January, 2011

FL Cave Diving, Dec, 2010

FL Cave Diving, Sept, 2010

Insanity: Reston Century, 22 Aug 2010, aka Sufferfest

Aerolito, June, 2010

Elizabeth Furnace bike ride &
Mountain Laurel pictures May 15, 2010

La Jolla, April, 2010

Imperial Beach, April, 2010

Abert Squirrels, Flagstaff, April, 2010

Sedona, April, 2010

Yucatan - cave diving, March, 2010

Northern Virginia Bluebells, 2010

Arizona, March, 2010

Pictures at the zoo with my new camera

Snowpocalyse II - February 2010

Florida Cave Diving, December, 2009

Christmas Video, 2009

Florida Cave Diving, November, 2009

Cherry Trees at the Tidal Basin, April 5, 2009

Cave Diving Trip, New Years, 2009

Fossils in the Walls

Colorado, October, 2008

Kayaking down Antietam Creek




Miscellaneous Stuff

Squirrels, wonderful squirrels

Election prediction through bumper stickers

Republican Hypocrisy

What the heck are these??????

If anyone has any idea, send me an email.

They were collected in the Nevada desert. They are hard, appear to be calcite, but I have no confirmation on this. I crushed one while in the field, and they are very thin-shelled, reminiscent of an eggshell. They were just laying scattered in the desert amidt rounded pebbles on a sandy soil. They were reasonably common in that area.

Caving Expeditions

Meghalaya, February, 2007

Sepalau, Guatamala 2003

Meghalaya, India 2002

Río de la Cidra, Dominican Republic 2002

NSS Conventions

2006 NSS Convention

2005 NSS Convention

2003 NSS Convention

2002 NSS Convention

2001 NSS Convention

Other Caving Stuff

Beyond the Deep

Beyond the Deep @ Time Warner's Site

Maxwelton Cave, Nov 2004
(note: several pictures on one page - better to do with broadband)

Yucatan 2004

Caving in Tennessee, 2003

Crawlathon, 2003

Rappelling, November 2, 2002

Tri-state Bash, October 5, 2002

Endless Caverns -- Fall VAR 2002

Link to the difference between "Spelunker" and "Caver"


Political Quotes
Political Hypocracy

Political Bumper Stickers

Everything Else

Arizona Mountain Biking & Kayaking Trip,
Memorial Day weekend, 2007

Biking at Great Falls
Trip to CA and Washington, including the NSS Convention
Sky Meadows and GRT
Carpal Tunnel Surgery
Wakefield, Accotink, Dec 2005
OTR 2005
MORE Rides
MORE Rides 2005
Women's Ride, Shenandoah Mountain Bike Festival, 2005
GR Thompson WMA, VA
Political Bumper Stickers

2005 NSS Convention
Poison Ivy: How to Identify It and Other Important Info

California, June, 2005
12 Hours at Lodi, May, 2005
Greenbrier State Forest, WV
Flowers at GR Thompson WMA
Springtime in Washington, DC
Tucson, Feb 2005
Gardening/Weather Blog
Check out:

New Mexico October, 2004

Tornado - Chantilly and Manassas, VA, 18 Sept, 2004

New Mexico Vacation, Labor Day, 2004

Mountain Biking (and geology) in SW Utah

A close encounter with some asphalt in Las Vegas


Miscellaneous Stuff

Garden Plans

Photo Fun! Ooooh, how we can doctor those images...

Handy Energy Facts

In Memory

Twiggy the Water Skiing Squirrel

Front Yard Animal Friends

Barbara's New House

California, January 2004

Thanksgiving, 2003

Barbara's Halloween Party 2003

Raghubir Singh's "Way Into India"

What a Change!

Yikes! Snnoowwwwwwww!!!!!

Marco's Wild Party, November 1, 2002

Feathered Headdresses

Karen and Paul's Wedding

Louise Turns 50!

Ireland 2002

Smithsonian Folk Life Festival: The Silk Road

Fightin' Squirrels!

Keith and Jen come to DC to have a baby

Springtime in Washington, DC

Health--new feature: TEA's hernia!

Airport Security

First comparison between the Nikon 990S and the Canon S40

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